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        We stayed a bit closer to this incredible park, so visits were more frequent than those possible to Canyonlands National Park and Dead Horse Point State Park. Actually, if we wanted to experience more of one of the amazing places in and around Moab, it would be easy to chose Arches, both because of it's nearness to where we stayed, and because of the easy access within the park. While many of the best spots in Arches NP are easy to drive, park and walk to, the joy the land can give would more readily come to those capable of hiking, cycling or on horseback. On this trip, however, it was 105 degrees farenheit, we were from the east with too little time to adjust, and I am old, so we were happy to stay close to our air-conditioned tranportation.
        Another magnet attracting visitors is the nearby town of Moab, Utah. You could spend as much time walking around town absorbing its charm as you could smiling at sights in Arches. We stayed at the nearby Red Cliffs Lodge, notworthy for many reasons, including their Movie Museum and Castle Creek Winery. Also see seperate galleries for Scenic Highway 128 (including Fisher Towers and Castle Rock Road [I think], and Route 279, the road to Potash to see dinosaur tracks (if you really have good eyes and a large monitor), and petroglyphs.

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Archess NP, UT
June 5, 6 & 7, 2010
Arches NP, UT
June 4, 2010


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