Most every photo you see in Parks Photos is available for purchase and/or licensing. Some are not. Contact me through this link, specify the photo(s), quantities by sizes, and other particulars like frame and mat, and I will email you with a price quote and estimated shipping date, after which you decide whether to continue. If you have, see below.*

Please contact me with any suggestions, additions or omissions.

Whenever someone says to me, "You should be selling these" about my photos, I always say the same thing: "If you think people would buy them, go ahead and sell 'em.  I'll give you a 90-10 split," meaning they get the 90.  That offer applies to you, the reader, too. I'm not making photos to sell; it's all about experiencing the magic.  Some of that would surely be lost if I worried about the sale.

If you would like to hang a photo of mine on your wall, or make a mouse pad for yourself out of one of my shots, I'd be thrilled.  It would still be a good idea to contact me first so I can spruce up the particular shot.  Many photos you could steal from me could use some tweaking, like taking out dust bunnies in the sky.  Nearly every photo online should be brightened a bit before printing to compensate for the bright displays through which we normally view them.  Some of my photos can be obtained through Red Bubble, Fine Art America and 500px, too.  If you want one of my photos and you can't find it on one of those sites, ask and I'll upload it for you.  If you want to buy directly from me, I use Zeopix for printing and Marsico Art & Framing for finishing touches.

If you ever think of buying a photo of mine,  contact me. Even if you'd just like to print out something you see throughout Parks Photos,  contact me. You can steal it if you must, but it would still be a good idea to contact me first. I will make sure the photos you want to buy or print are the best quality.  Many photos on this site should be cleaned up before you send them through a printer.

If you live nearby (northeastern PA), or if you'd like to pay our expenses, we'd love to photograph your place, or your prized possessions. If you've been paying attention so far, you've probably already figured out you'll want to Contact me with info for Your Project. If you have, see below.*

*If you have agreed to terms through email and need to make a payment through PayPal, click on the Donate button below and follow the instructions you received through email.  If you'd just like to donate, please feel free.

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