The galleries on Parks Photos are only called galleries because that's what Lightroom calls them when I make them.  They don't house true gallery-worthy images.  For example, whenever I go out shooting, I'll make a gallery of the day's excursions, more as a way to remember than as a means of enticing buyers.  Those galleries are listed in order of appearance on the chronology pages, as well as on the subject's appropriate page.

Chronological listing of galleries, current month to previous times.

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       The second group is divded into albums linked below where you'll find a more narrowed selection from all visits to each area, and a few other albums featuring more weird stuff. This group is the first to be ignored when time is at a premium.  Here is a rough map of links you'll find in this so-called  Main Gallery.

       The last group of galleries is theoretically the best of the best, but even that theory is off.  These last galleries, listed below, are mostly from the yearbooks I make each year, and one would think that the whittling process will shake out the best in the final hopper.  Selections are often made, however, based again on remembering or illustrating, rather than for securing fame and fortune.


If you ever think of buying a photo of mine,  contact me. Even if you'd just like to print out something you see throughout Parks Photos,  contact me. You can steal it if you must, but it would still be a good idea to contact me first. I will make sure the photos you want to buy or print are the best quality. See the Buy Stuff Page for more information.

Please contact me with any suggestions, additions or omissions.