There are 3 types of galleries in Parks Photos and they are more or less divided into good, better, and best. The so called good ones, then, are ones you'll find for each outing; these are the galleries linked to the blogs and on the chronology page.

Chronological listing of galleries, current month to previous times.

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The main galleries

The second group is divded into albums linked below where you'll find a more narrowed selection from all visits to each area, and a few other albums featuring more weird stuff. Here is a rough map of links you'll find in the Main Gallery.

Nearly last & supposedly best (at least of Parks Photos) are the Select Galleries below. Much like the Selections album that takes favorites from the Main Gallery, these galleries will consist of my favorites.

...coming soon


If you ever think of buying a photo of mine,  contact me. Even if you'd just like to print out something you see throughout Parks Photos,  contact me. You can steal it if you must, but it would still be a good idea to contact me first. I will make sure the photos you want to buy or print are the best quality. See the Buy Stuff Page for more information.

Please contact me with any suggestions, additions or omissions.