Nescopeck State Park, PA

August 12, 2011

We set out for Eckley Miners’ Village to scout out the best light for future trips.  I knew it was near Nescopeck State Park because I always see the signs for it on the way to the park.  Well, Dave Cohen was talking and I drove right passed the turn.  We pulled in to turn around at the pond in Nescopeck, but ended up staying quite a while taking shots of the seclusion.  The whole gallery of 13 photos was taken at the pond.  Numbers 6, 7, 8 and 12 are reflections.  Photos 9 and 11 were rotated to bring out the face of the pond guardian.

After we finally packed up and returned to the car we retraced our path back to the missed turn.  At this time, however, we ran out of time.  Now that we know the way we plan on returning.


Eckley Miners' Village, PA

August 24, 2011

Well, twelve days later we finally made it to the Eckley Miners’ Village and Museum.  We first pulled in to the museum parking lot and inquired within as to any restrictions.  We bought the tour that was scheduled to start with a movie in about an hour.  While we waited for that we drove down to the west side of Main Street with the intent of taking a few shots on the way back to the movie.   The one main restriction they had for us was that we could NOT sell any of the photos we took in the village.  (Does that mean we could give them away like we usually do?)

“No problem,” Dave Cohen and I said in unison.  Neither of us actively tries to sell any of the photos we make.  My photos are always available to any non-profit organization to use to promote the land on which they were taken.  So this restriction only meant we would not be posting these photos to our Zenfolio sites.

Main Street is pretty much the only street in town.  It’s a straight line from east-northeast to west-southwest so the Sun practically rises at one end and sets at the other.  Dave and I knew where and when the best photos could be made, and this wasn’t the best time to create the exciting photos that are possible in this patch town replica. 

Main Street, hence the whole town, was abuzz with construction.   At times you felt like you were walking in the past; at other times you sensed the façade like you were on the set of a Hollywood movie.  Photo 3 might be best to convey that feeling.  Dave and I are both moved by the process of making photos and were led about the place by our individual muse connection.

Time, as used by Humankind in its gotta-be-somewhere fashion, does not exist when following the eternal muse while making photos.   The only consideration for time is relative to light and shadow.  So we missed the movie.  We discovered this only after emerging from a backyard to see that the Walking Tour had already passed us by on Main Street.  So, unless we hustled down the street to join the group, we weren’t getting any interior shots.

There is really so much to see and so much history to experience in this place.  It’s a wonderful living treasure of the anthracite coal days of our area. 


Ricketts Glen, PA

August 31, 2011

Coming soon...